Emily Austen

The Power of Social Media 

"With people like you, we can provide our players the skills to be successful in life." Nick Saban

Presentation Topics

The Power of Social Media

Helping others understand the impact of their decisions through Emily’s personal story as well as a catered PowerPoint on social media education.

Media Training

Practicing tools on how to successfully conduct yourself in an interview and understanding how to succeed when faced with tough questions from the media.

Building Your Brand Online

Lessons on how to build a positive image on social media and understanding what companies or professional sports organizations look for on social media accounts.



Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Head Football Coach


“Emily presented a passionate message about the importance of always making the right decision. Her ability to stand in front of a diverse group of young men, take responsibility for her decisions, then build and execute a plan of personal growth as a result, has made a lasting impact on everyone in the room.

Paul Helgren, Toledo Associate Athletic Director for Communications


“Many of our student-athletes said Emily was one of the best speakers they have ever heard. There are other speakers who do a good job of warning young people about the perils of social media, but Emily is different. She’s lived it. Her honesty and vulnerability are genuine, and the student-athletes sense that right away. Moreover, she is a very skillful communicator who knows how to hold the attention of those who are prone to looking at their phones every few minutes."

Urban Meyer, Ohio State Football


"Emily’s presentation is outstanding. It is rare for an individual to have the courage to stand in front of an audience and take ownership of poor decisions in order to help others.  She provided the tools to use social media responsibly and build a professional brand online.  I am confident that everyone learned a valuable lesson from her message.  I look forward to following Emily's journey and seeing God's plan for her as she continues to positively impact lives."