Nick Saban, Alabama Head Football Coach


“We have received great feedback from our players and staff on your presentation and the information you gave them.  Our goal with these young men is to not only develop them as football players but, more importantly, provide them with the necessary skills to be successful in life.  It is with help from people like you that we can feel confident about reaching that goal."

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Head Football Coach


“Emily presented a passionate message about the importance of always making the right decision. Her ability to stand in front of a diverse group of young men, take responsibility for her decisions, then build and execute a plan of personal growth as a result, has made a lasting impact on everyone in the room.

Lane Kiffin, Florida Atlantic Head Football Coach


"Emily’s message is extremely powerful and appeals to every person in the room. Her insight and energy kept all of us engaged. I highly recommend her."

Student-Athlete Feedback

Sean Yu, San Jose State Men's Golf


“Thank you for presenting us your life experiences tonight.  It was really heartfelt and from now on I have a different perspective of social media.  I truly admire your braveness, especially talking in front of culturally diverse group of people.  I, as a San Jose student-athlete, can’t thank you enough to speak to us tonight.”

Katie Wilson, Toledo Women's Soccer


"I am just one person but I forever will be impacted by your story and your ability everyday to fight through everything.  I am glad you came out on the other side so you are able to share your story and make a difference.  I can speak for our whole team, we loved it!"

Paul Helgren, Toledo Associate Athletic Director for Communications


“Many of our student-athletes said Emily was one of the best speakers they have ever heard. There are other speakers who do a good job of warning young people about the perils of social media, but Emily is different. She’s lived it. Her honesty and vulnerability are genuine, and the student-athletes sense that right away. Moreover, she is a very skillful communicator who knows how to hold the attention of those who are prone to looking at their phones every few minutes."